Kayt Cabana


  • Schiavello International Pty Ltd


An important factor towards future ways of working is the ability for people to collaborate. Research by Schiavello has found that traditional meeting rooms are unoccupied more than 50% of the time and are often unsupportive of collaborative requirements.

Demonstrating Schiavello’s understanding of diverse worker needs, Kayt Cabana has been created as an agile addition to workplaces. A part of the Kayt Village Collection, Kayt Cabana supports various working styles and provides a place for collaboration and retreat. A visual and acoustic cocoon, it invites users to optimise the space as an alternative working setting to communicate and features technologies to boost connectivity and interaction.

Key Features


Designed for easy implementation and flexible space reconfiguration without interfering with the building’s core structure, Kayt Cabana is a space-efficient and cost-effective solution that shapes communicative spaces for up to 6 persons.

Enables privacy and responds to the necessity for noise reduction in open plan spaces by absorbing disruptive sounds in the surrounding environment.

Featuring multi-media facilities, programmable lighting and ergonomic seating, Kayt Cabana enables functional and psychological comfort, and supports people in performing their tasks.

Boosting functional versatility and social interaction, it can spontaneously serve as a meeting space, video conference room, reading corner or quiet spot for coffee break.

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