Scape Collection


  • Tait.
  • Adam Goodrum


Designed by Adam Goodrum for Tait the Scape Collection is a fluid, triadic system designed to encourage moments of respite and rumination in an age of social disconnection within the natural environment. Reminiscent of flowing rock formations, the modules allude to the uninhibited nature of rocky landscapes.

Key Features


Used in concert the modules become a work of spatial orchestration, at once a centrepiece of design; connector of space; and conductor of flow. Scape’s earthy tactility and curvaceous profile holds an unspoken magnetic charm that draws people into its orbit and inspires interaction.


The planning and design of our public spaces and common areas can enhance or hinder the lives of the people who use them. Thoughtfully designed spaces have a buzz about them, they have the power to become the heart of a community, an iconic public square, a prominent landmark, or a safe meeting place. In the workplace they may be a popular spot to re-charge or connect with colleagues. Thoughtfully designed spaces bring increased levels of happiness to communities and impact positively on employee engagement in the workplace. These spaces seamlessly become part of our urban fabric, enhancing our sense of community identity, and bringing an overall sense of enjoyment and pride to the people who inhabit them.

Scape was conceived to add lasting value and greater wellbeing to communities and places of work – whilst also providing a positive economic, social, and environmental contribution to our cities. Through its fluid and adaptive design, Scape intuitively nurtures the needs of the people who use it. There is an inviting softness, communal sensibility, and kind of intangible ‘friendliness’ to the collection – gravitating people toward it, and subsequently bringing activation to the spaces it inhabits.

With reference to naturescapes, Scape facilitates a sense of re-connectedness with our environment. The collection forms a living, changing ecosystem and allows life to flow through it. Effortlessly transitioning from morning, say drinking a cup of coffee and exercising the dog – to evening, coming together with friends on a warm summer night.


Scape is a reimagining and reinvention of the prevailing outdoor furniture design paradigm, breaking bold new ground in breakout space design.


Masterfully resolved, myriad states can be created by customising the configuration of the modules. Scenarios can be fine-tuned with the addition of a combination of accessories in Scape’s cache of componentry. Tables, backrests, canopies, planters, and side tables can be added in +1, +2 or +3 arrangements depending on the base module size.


Engineered using premium quality and fit-for-purpose materials, Scape is ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions – right through to use in corporate breakout areas.

Scape’s modules are engineered with robust and lightweight glass reinforced concrete (GRC). The beneficial properties of GRC allows less material to be used than that of traditional concrete – while offering a stronger and more durable product. Scape’s modules are produced via the superior GRC manufacturing method, whereby a scientifically formulated composition of premium quality glass fibre and cement are sprayed into a mould. The GRC is then cured in a humid environment, adding increased durability to the finished product. Thickened, reinforced channels on the interior of the module have been designed to give added support for the fixing of componentry (such as the table component) to the base module.

The GRC surface presents with an earthy tactility – smooth with a ‘stone-like’ texture. The GRC is available in either grey or white, and the surface may be left in its natural state or sealed with water protective or graffiti protective sealants on request. The modules are available with either a GRC or dimensionally stable smoked oak timber seat. The GRC is available in either concrete grey or concrete white. Additional components are made from anti-corrosive aluminium, they are then finished in hard-wearing, UV-stable, textured powder coat. The canopy features a Sunbrella’s exterior-grade fabric shade and can be selected in a colour to either match or contrast the Canopy’s frame colour. The shade is fixed to the frame with marine-grade cord toggles.

“Drawing on Scape’s affinity to various naturescapes, the colour palette references mother nature’s very basic elements – water, earth, and flora. We have selected Teal Sea, Burgundy Clay, Banksia Leaf to really bring the collection to life“ says Tait’s Creative Director, Susan Tait. Scape may adapt to various aesthetics and achieve various functions depending on your project objectives. Creating a minimalist, architectural feel may be achieved by simply using the modules in their most pure form – or the collection may take on a warmer, more personified feel with the application of a timber seat, coloured componentry, or planting.

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