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Save Hospo demonstrates an innovative execution of functional, impactful design which resulted in thousands of hospitality workers obtaining access to essential mental health support during COVID-19. Save Hospo started as a passion project to promote 35 local hospitality businesses impacted by COVID-19 via a curated social media/ awareness campaign. It grew, through a collaboration with mental health platform, Cyber Clinic, to the creation of a service providing individual hospitality workers access to discounted mental health care. Utilising strategic communication design, the project gained momentum through the platform ‘Clipboard Hospitality’ and offered 13,000 people access to professional mental health support.

Key Features


Save Hospo demonstrates multifaceted design excellence. Storyfolk responded to the COVID-19 hospitality crisis with a community-driven social media campaign to promote local hospitality. We utilised the letters L-O-C-A-L as an image housing device to highlight each business through food-inspired graphics. The intention was to produce simple, engaging illustrations to bring colour and vibrancy to an extremely difficult time. We applied a big-picture approach to the design which led us to incorporate a custom code to provide discounted mental health care for hospitality workers. Storyfolk successfully designed/facilitated the project to achieve positive outcomes for both businesses and individual hospitality workers.


The Save Hospo project’s primary purpose was to have a positive impact on the mental health of hospitality staff impacted by COVID-19. Save Hospo utilised the power of community and social media to destigmatize mental health in the hospitality industry to allow people to seek affordable, convenient, and personalised mental health support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project promoted 35 Melbourne businesses, reached 3,144 people on Instagram, was shared with 13,000 people across Australia, and most importantly offered personalised mental health support to hospitality workers across Australia who needed support.


Save Hospo demonstrates the life-changing power of design and how investing in “outside the box” ideas can truly have a positive impact in the community. Save Hospo showcases that design thinking has a place in crisis situations to address wicked problems such as mental health access during a global pandemic or addressing stigma around mental illness.


Save Hospo demonstrates an innovative and resourceful design that offered the end-users (hospitality workers) a way to feel connected with the hospitality community and supported through unprecedented times. Storyfolk exemplified innovative-thinking by broadening the impact of the campaign across multiple platforms through facilitating Cyber Clinic (mental health platform) to offer personalised mental health treatment and Clipboard (hospitality platform) to spread the offer/service. What started as a passion project for Storyfolk, ended up impacting over 13,000 people within two weeks, demonstrating the power of design innovation to solve problems such as accessibility to mental health care.


This project was made possible through collaboration, shared resources and knowledge. Save Hospo was fuelled by a common goal to help the Melbourne (and Australian) hospitality industry during COVID-19. Save Hospo fused purpose-driven design and emerging technologies such as AI-powered healthcare to be reactive in a crisis to achieve our common goal.

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