Sakura Table




The Sakura Table combines contemporary aesthetics with function and manufacturing efficiency.

The combination of a stainless steel frame with a perforated, structural aluminium table top meets strength, weight and durability requirements, both inland and in coastal environments. Aesthetically, the perforated botanic design brings character / texture and nature to an increasingly built-up environment.

This product is not intended to be fashion driven and is made to outlast trends. It is a fresh take on a functional product which has been enthusiastically received, is efficient to manufacture, has allowance for customization & has great prospects as a successful, commercial product.

Key Features


Financial Sustainability:
Manufacturing efficiency underpins viability, price-point and local production.

Aesthetic honed around the manufacturing process.


Market Share:
This fresh interpretation of an everyday item has been well received and is set to carve out a solid market share with its approachable price point.


Social Outcomes:
– The aesthetic of the table brings character, nuance and in some cases the closest thing to vegetation to inner city living.

– Harnesses the skills of local manufacturers and ensures that designers have access to industries to develop designs in the future.


Environmental Outcomes:
– Product Longevity / reduced waste

– Design and price-point ensuring that the table is not perceived to be fleeting investments

– Recyclable, safe manufacturing processes, ability to strip and re-powder-coated in the future to update colour.

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