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Co-developers Redarc and Club Assist teamed up with Outerspace Design Group forming a collaborative partnership to develop the Safe²Start single stage DC-DC battery charger. It has been designed to safely charge a client’s flat battery to a sufficient level to enable the engine to start in only 15 minutes and features a user friendly display module designed to guide you through the process. The Safe²Start operates from 12V vehicles and can be wired to either the start or auxiliary battery in your roadside assistance vehicle.

Key Features


Safe operation
The Safe²Start is designed with operator safety in mind. Should the charger sense a fault with the battery charging will not commence. The unit will continually check the clients’ battery and if a fault is sensed during operation, charging will cease until the fault is rectified. The unit is designed to allow the operator to stand at a distance from the battery under charge to ensure that should a catastrophic failure of the battery occur the operator is not in the vicinity of the battery.


Simple to install
The Safe²Start space saving design is easy to install and can be bolted down to a tray for security. It is unobtrusive yet within easy reach of the driver. It comes with all the cables and connectors needed to fit the unit; an Anderson plug makes the connection between the charger and the battery under charge, the input wires feature battery terminals to install to the power source and the Remote Display connects via a standard RJ45 connection.


Designed for reliability
The cleverly designed aluminium casing not only looks good but provides cooling without the need of a fan. No fan allows the unit to be sealed against dust and liquid ingress making it suitable for extreme environments. The result is a solid-state design requiring no moving parts, making it very reliable.


Easy to operate
The Safe²Start is designed for non-technical people and features a remote control unit designed to not only keep the operator safe and at a distance from the battery, but also to simplify the charging and setup process. The remote guides the operator through the process using a series of prompts which are easy to read and simple to understand. Should an issue arise, the remote explains what has happened, gives an explanation of what the possible cause is and prompts the operator to rectify the situation.


Fast Charge Profile
The Safe²Start was co-developed by Redarc and Club Assist in response to Club Assist’s recognition of the need for motoring club partners to quickly and effectively charge a club members’ flat battery in a mobile environment. The Safe²Start is capable of supplying up to 60 Amps charge to a clients’ battery using a proprietary multi-stage charging algorithm developed by Redarc. The unit constantly monitors the battery state and alters the output current accordingly. The unit is also capable of testing the battery state and will cease operation should any issues arise.

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