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SA1NT was born from the belief that motorcycle riders shouldn’t have to compromise safety for style. The reputation of SA1NT was built from world-first fabric innovations coupled with iconic brand imagery harnessing the best moto photographers in the world. After the launch of SA1NT’s new workwear range, the communication design of both collections began to drift apart. This needed to change, not only for brand alignment and growth but also sales growth.

Our mission was the refine and align SA1NT’s visual identity to appeal to both the motorcycle market and workwear market.

Key Features


SA1NT’s motowear photography is packed with adrenaline, so the workwear imagery couldn’t be your standard model in a yellow hard hat. We captured real tradespeople on trade sites. We celebrated the same authenticity, resilience, and excitement as our motowear imagery.

Typography was key to identity alignment. The selected typeface looked strong and aesthetically evoked the brand DNA. This appealed to our customer base in both markets.

The website redesign created harmony and for the first time saw the two collections sit beside each other. This has seen a significant increase in customers purchasing from both collections online.


SA1NT manufacture the world’s strongest single-layer denim. The SA1NT WORKWEAR denim is five times tougher than standard denim, meaning that one pair of SA1NT WORKWEAR jeans lasts as long as five pairs of standard 12oz denim jeans. With tradespeople tearing through multiple garments a season, SA1NT is here to minimise product turn over. The more tradespeople that align with the brand identity and become SA1NT customers, will help to slow the cycle of workwear in Australia and around the world.


Through branding and communication, SA1NT has created a refreshing and authentic representation of the modern Australian tradesperson.


For the motorcycle market, we created an identity that showed safety doesn’t need to be compromised for style when riding your bike. More people in safety apparel, while riding, means fewer injuries and lives lost on our roads.

We also took this as an opportunity to elevate our workwear identity. We celebrated a truly authentic side to Australian tradespeople and the work they do. The goal was to create a brand image that tradespeople could see themselves in. Similar to our motowear range, we were able to show tradespeople that you can be safe and stylish while onsite.

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