S Spoon


  • Yingbo Qiao


Silver Spoon, a restaurant perpetually serving good authentic asian food in San Francisco bay area. It encompasses a magnificent blend of traditional dishes and creative rendition of classics.Silver Spoon’s food is still traditionally asian, but the body has been lifted to a higher plane.

Key Features


Silver Spoon needed a logo for its new era imprint which could reflects the restaurant’s philosophy: provides truly asian food to American. In order to create a logo that would be legible even on small chopsticks, I drew a simple and clean S letterform, taking care to maintain typographic legibility while pushing the symbol toward an illustrative Spoon. This ‘S spoon’ is the perfect visual embodiment ofboth the imprint name and the subject matter.


The renewal of the brand image made SilverSpoon feel relieved. The new store image has also promoted employees’ recognition of the restaurant’s image and stimulated their enthusiasm. At the same time, the restaurant’s sales have increased by 25%.


logo updates can spell powerful gains to a company’s perception, tra c, and sales.


The process of SilverSpoon brand refresh is more of an update than a complete rehaul of the brand. In this case, a brand refresh is not only focused on visual changes but updates their solid brand strategy, story, and philosophy.

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