Rylock Website


  • Chromatix Digital Agency


Over the last 35 years, Rylock have established themselves as a local company with a renowned reputation as technical experts of high-performance and energy-efficient windows and doors specifically built to last in Australian conditions.

Created with the heart to not only enhance a project’s architectural elements but also add incredible functionality and practicality, their products continue to demonstrate the incredibly high priority of craftsmanship, innovation and design .

Following this success, Rylock engaged Chromatix Digital Agency to build a platform that reflected the true size of their company, further drive sales and function as a strong marketing piece.

Key Features


– Bold typography choices following existing branding identity; the serif subheadings allude to the geometric nature of windows and doors whilst the sans-serif headings maintain a modern and strong approach to delivering content visually

– A striking balance of photographic assets with geometric iconography and call-to-action elements that allow Rylock to provide in-depth information whilst not overwhelming users

– Tasteful photographic asset editing to enhance dynamic feel of website


– Built with strong backend flexibility and accessibility to ensure Rylock can edit their content with ease with considered safeguards ensuring visual identity remained consistent despite drastic content shifts

– Megamenu designed with strong UI/UX considerations to minimise confusion for a potential consumer; products are sorted within 2 tiers of categories and further paired with an image to establish clarity

– Additional unique Contact page to allow for display of numerous branches and locations utilising the Geocoding API with a layout that minimises scrolling or confusion

– Inclusion of a blog page with Categories sidebar that allows Rylock the opportunity to create a growing loyal customer database and also equip them with a strong SEO and marketing tool

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