• RoadRing


RoadRing is a unique safety cycling innovation. RoadRing is a highly visible flashing indicator/turn signal for cyclists worn on the hand like a ring. It enables fellow road users to clearly see your turning intentions. RoadRing is easy to use and is activated bio-mechanically by simply extending the hand. The weather resistant device is fully adjustable. suitable for all ages and hand sizes and can be worn with or without a cycling glove.

Key Features


Cycling can be a hazardous activity ,especially in urban setting and at times of reduced light. RoadRing allows the user a simple and safe method of alerting other road users(vehicles and pedestrians) to your turning intentions.

With the increase in bicycle usage and corresponding rise in injuries and fatalities, RoadRing will reduce cycling accidents and improved cyclist/driver communication on the road. RoadRing has been designed to be used by all cyclists.

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