• RoadRing


RoadRing is a highly visible indicator / turning signal for cyclist worn on the hand like a ring. It enables fellow road users to clearly see the turning intentions of the cyclist and is easliy activated bio-mechanically by simply extending the hand.

The weather resistant device is fully adjustable, suitable for all ages and hand sizes and can be used with or without a cycling glove. RoadRing is a simple and effective way for cyclists to show their turning intentions to motorists and pedestrians and enables cycling to be safer and reduce the likeihood of accidents and improve overall road culture.

Key Features


Cycling can be a hazardous activity, especially in times of reduced light and in urban settings. RoadRing is a simple solution to an age old problem of cyclists better communicating with other road users and offering an effective indicator.

Its bio-mechanical design enbles it to be activated and deactivated by extending the hand in a reaching motion allowing the user to keep their attention on the road. Three ultra bright LED\’s are easily seen day and night and the electronics have been designed to run of a simple button battery with a 40 burn time.

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