RMIT Vietnam, Academic Building 2


  • Pentago Spowers International (Architecture)
  • RMIT Ho Chi Minh City (Project Managers)
  • Indochine (Services Engineers)
  • HBP Engineers (Structure & Civil)
  • Aedas (Interior Fitout)


Opened in November 2013, Spowers with local architects Pentago, have delivered the second academic building on RMIT’s Ho Chi Minh City Campus.

The building reinforces a sense-of-place and brands the campus from afar. Comprising 10,000m2 of specialist teaching space, cross discipline learning environments and staff accommodation over four floors, the building provides students and staff with world class learning environments currently enjoyed throughout Melbourne campuses, demonstrating RMIT’s mission of equity.

This project and RMIT University is representative of a Victorian institution successfully exporting and investing in the built environment internationally, further building on Melbourne’s reputation as the most liveable city.

Key Features


Design Excellence

Spowers led the design and delivery of this exemplar facility that addressed the following challenges:

– more than doubled the academic capacity of the campus.
– supported the business growth and stature of RMIT University in Vietnam.
– successfully navigated the local planning and statutory frameworks
– sensitive to the location, culture and regional context whilst delivering an RMIT education and “brand”.
– provide a vibrant and inspiring educational community which will attract high quality staff and students from diverse backgrounds.
– achieve sustainability benchmarks are in line with a GBCA 5-star Green Star Rating.
– continues RMIT’s design-led tradition.


Design Transformation

Spowers has had an extensive involvement with RMIT in the creation of outstanding educational design outcomes for their facilities in Melbourne over many years. They are benchmarked within a global education arena.

AB2 brings these international learning models that the team have developed through their work in Melbourne with RMIT and others and packages them up as innovative education solutions in the Asian region.

The building itself expresses an artful no-nonsense solution to a harsh environment and reinforces RMIT’s design credentials. AB2 stands as a marquee that signpost’s RMIT presence in Vietnam both physically and aspirationally.


Design Impact

With the additional academic capacity offered in this new building the success and growth of the campus is set to continue, contributing to the social and economic development of Vietnam.

RMIT acts as a “twin hub” university, allowing students in some programs to study in both Australia and Vietnam. The University delivers an Australian degree on Vietnam soil and as Vietnam’s first and only fully foreign-owned university RMIT is sees this building as demonstrating its confidence and growth within the region.

“This stunning building represents all that RMIT offers and it stands beside RMIT’s commitment to Vietnam. It is a richer reminder of the many benefits that a global university of technology and design can bring to individuals, families and communities” Professor Joyce Kirk, President of RMIT Vietnam.


Design Innovation

“The AB2 complex highlights the fusion of design and technology that RMIT is globally renowned for, and is set to inspire generations of Vietnamese students well into the future in an atmosphere where excellence is celebrated. The architecture of the new building, in many ways, reflects the student\’s journey at RMIT. You walk in and the first thing you see is this striking red staircase formalising the building’s vertical axis – it\’s visible right up to the very top floor of the building – representing the students\’ aspirations in progressing through their academic journey. Then you have this incredible skylight that just bathes every level in light and openness and transparency – it\’s actually an incredible space, really inspirational” Neil Martin, RMIT Property Services, Vietnam.

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