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The RMIT Pathways platform offers a smart alternative for Australians to easily navigate to a degree without the need for an ATAR. Designed by subject-matter experts from education, accessibility, design and technology, the web-platform simplifies what has been a manual, paper-based, labour-intensive and complex process, that potentially discouraged further study.

Key Features


For this project, Prime Motive and RMIT formed a multidisciplinary team, collated insights and collaboratively framed a problem statement: —“How can we simplify and improve access to pathway information for those wishing to attend university?”

Building on design research the team user-tested a mobile-first paper prototype, the insights of which allowed the team to craft a unique solution that transformed a complicated task into a joyful journey of discovery, allowing potential students to easily comprehend the pathway options available to them at RMIT. The subsequent functional prototype featured a clean interface designed to WCAG AAA accessibility standards.


Education is at the heart of Victoria’s economy, but more importantly, tertiary education is essential for many students to enter their aspirational careers. Building on RMIT’s key positioning as the biggest dual-sector university in Australia, the Pathways online tool will illuminate the pathways into higher education for many students who previously may not have thought it a possibility for them. It streamlines and simplifies a complex process, providing all essential information in one place. This allows students to instead focus on their dreams and those decisions that will make their future a brighter and better-educated one.


Today, the tool functions intuitively for the user, requiring no onboarding and accessible to a wide audience. It uses familiar RMIT design language but in an entirely new context. It was built with cutting-edge backend technology, only commercially available in the last year, and using a kit of reusable components and interactions that can be used again in future projects. Due to building out an algorithm that encompasses all pathways information innately, both information centre staff and students now can have increased confidence in the accuracy of pathways information.


The tool is an Australian first and unique to RMIT. It is closer aligned to platforms from leading product development companies rather than what has been traditionally offered by a university. The tool functions intuitively to the user and is designed to align with, but push the RMIT brand guidelines, aiming to speak to a more youthful audience. It was built within budget, with cutting-edge web technology and using a kit of reusable components and interactions that can be used again in future RMIT digital projects.


As a university, accessibility and inclusivity are integral to RMIT’s offerings, therefore, the tool featured a clean interface designed to a WCAG AAA accessibility standards. Cognitive diversity was also critical to take into consideration, it was therefore integral to test aesthetics, functionality and written content with a number of students across diverse literacy abilities. As a result of the development of this tool, conversations between potential students and staff can be more pertinent for the individual student, and more efficient for staff.

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