Ridge Dining Table


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The ‘Ridge Dining Table’ is inspired by a childhood growing up surrounded by farming land dotted with corrugated iron sheds.

Corrugated sheet metal is an iconic part of the Australian rural landscape and was something we have wanted to incorporate into our designs for a long time but needed to find the right execution; we wanted to take a very utilitarian material which has for the most part been used in industrial applications and present it in an entirely new way.

Key Features


There is a beauty in the gentle corrugations of the metal and we wanted to preserve this by creating virtually seamless forms and turn them into a luxe piece. Our objective was to create contemporary pieces but still retain a sense of the familiar in them, minimalist shapes that were rich in detail. The Dining Table is often seen as the heart of the home; an investment piece that must also withstand the rigors of daily life. In addition to this the piece must also be able to be adapted to meet the needs of our commercial clients.


Our timbers are all sustainably sourced from FSC certified suppliers and each piece is designed to maximise the use of the material and minimise wastage with the majority of wastage being recycled into other pieces.

We also work with other local businesses to recycle their unused materials and divert them from landfill. We are fortunate enough to be operating in a manufacturing hub in Preston and being witness to the amount of useable materials being thrown out we saw an opportunity- a lot of these salvaged materials are used to construct the internal structures of the Ridge Collection.


The use of a material that is so synonymous with the Australian landscape has proven to be a winning formula the founding pieces of the Ridge Collection as it has allowed the business to expand into international markets.

Our aim was to create a piece with an aesthetic will work in both residential interiors and commercial applications. Our pieces are now regularly specified for interior projects in Singapore, South Korea, Japan and the USA.


Creating this piece has allowed us to streamline our production process, by establishing key shapes which work across a variety of products we can help our clients create a collection.
The dining table is complimented by a host of pieces.

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