Revolution 8.24 Caravan


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1. A caravan that triples its size in 3 minutes, short, light yet over featured. 2. Revolution RV’s 8-foot (2.5 m) caravan is engineered with an aluminium sub-frame with 28 mm composite panel aluminium/fibreglass exterior, low maintenance caravan. For people looking for a full-time home, to go anywhere, anytime it is also adaptable in size, layout, comforts to support off-grid living. 3. The Revolution RV says that when properly fitted out the self-contained Revolution 8 could easily support two couples living entirely off-grid with an average of 4 hours of sunlight, using an average of 24,000 Watts per day.

Key Features


1. Our mission: completely energy zero, 100% electric caravan. Revolution 8 is the small, yet large, luxuriously sustainable answer to the widespread demand for better quality, more advanced capability, and modern design, size and weight, safety, adaptability, and luxury caravan available.
2. Luxury amenities: remote control powered set-up, timber food prep bench, plantation shutters, two large skylights, clothesline, two private bedrooms with their own wardrobes, track and sensor lighting, a garage styled tools cabinet, a luxurious teak floor, heated, rain shower en suite with linen cupboard, guest closet, open plan kitchen, breakfast bar, three entry doors, external showers, external BBQ.


1. To extend their off-grid travel. Free sun powered,100% Electric.
2. Adapt. Just pull over and cook, dine, and sleep in comfort. Set up the Living area Deck to relax and entertain. Open both Decks to have an unbelievably spacious apartment for longer stays.
3. A noisy diesel generator is just not required. The largest solar array and battery bank are your peace of mind. An option to charge electric vehicles or homes.
4. Safety. A windbreaker front design, with much lighter and smaller length caravan give you peace of mind and protection.


1. Towing a small, light, windbreaker design caravan reduces the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle.
2. International Patents, unique tripling in size within three minutes allows an extension to the Recreational Vehicle Industry.

3. Small, yet large caravan.

4. Storing, towing and safety with an 8-foot caravan, most caravan buyers are purchasing a 21 to 24 foot.

5. Unique Features: two private double bedrooms, adaptable, motorized three minute set up, storage in the Decks and caravan, three external doors, teak flooring and heating in the full en suite, a breakfast bar 900 mm wide, plantation shutters, 100% electric.


1. Off-Grid Ready with the largest solar array, powered by the sun indefinitely without ever needing to plug in.
2. Feeling of Home with the functionality of a modern open plan apartment.
3. Two private double bedrooms, two wardrobes, full length sub floor storage, a garage style tool wall, separate chair and mat storage, a linen cupboard, vanity cupboard, guest cabinet, full height pantry, external BBQ cabinet and shelf, an external clothes line and standard floor and overhead cabinetry. In addition, two in floor hatches give internal access to battery bank and main storage compartment.


1. Health: Filtration system for drinking water and pumping water from a lake or river. No ammonia, LPG gas or materials which could affect your health.
2. Mobile Office: four separate desk solutions as standard.
3. En suite: rain shower with LED lighting, warmth, teak floor, looking through a large skylight.
4. Toy hauler: can store bicycles safely and securely inside the en suite, external access door, others under the caravan.
5. Other: Wireless Bluetooth Audio, Mobile WiFi Connectivity, Home Theatre, Remote Security.

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