RETUB-RESWAP – a better way to takeaway




retub™ is the reusable take-away food container that not only reduces waste but is convenient and hygienic.

Each retub consists of a glass food container with a detachable plastic outer shell and a silicone lid. Key features include measurement lines, detachable vents that double as food scoops, thermal protection via the outer shell and a design where food does not touch plastic – but perhaps the most important feature is their ability to be ‘reswapped’.

reswap™ is an integrated program where the inner glass container is swapped by participating food-vendors, thereby addressing perhaps the biggest concern with customer-brought containers: hygiene.

Key Features


All stakeholders – consumers, food-vendors and government entities – are looking for a practical, food-safe and environmentally friendly substitute for single-use food containers to reduce both waste and recycling materials. Each retub is capable of eliminating around 10kg of waste from landfill per year.

The user experience of retubs, for both the consumer and the food-vendor, is easy, convenient and hygienic. Consumers prefer eating from glass plus, have peace of mind that plastic-chemicals will not leech into their food.

Retubs are available in a range of attractive colour combinations and consumer customisation will be available shortly.


Retubs can be purchased by consumers either online or from participating food-vendors. The ‘reswappable’ inner glass containers are purchased by participating food-vendors at a low, subsidized cost. This enables food-vendors to offer a sustainable option with the potential of improving their bottom line.

Initial take-up by consumers and food-vendors is very promising. In addition, we have significant interest and some orders from major metropolitan councils, including in Hobart, Melbourne and Brisbane, looking to address waste management issues. We are also working with a major national home delivery service provider on a retub/reswap model.


While there are other glass food containers already available, no other container is designed specifically to deal with the logistical and legal challenges of take-away food.

Retubs are designed so that the inner glass container is swapped for a clean container by the food-vendor meaning that they will be reused many times over. Measurement lines have been included so that they can be filled with the correct volume of food. The food-vendor can ensure their product is food-safe and positions them for when single-use plastic containers are banned (scheduled in Hobart in for 2020 with other states expected to follow).


The unique design of the retub not only facilitates the reswap model but also serves a number of other purposes.

The glass inner container and silicone lid ensure that food doesn’t come into direct contact with plastic, addressing a growing concern of many consumers while enhancing their eating experience. The internal measurement lines give consumers and food-vendors peace of mind that the correct volume of food is being supplied. The outer shell provides thermal protection and aids in keeping food warm or cool as appropriate. Finally, the detachable vent doubles as an emergency food scoop.


– Easily stackable, with or without the outer base
– Recyclable base (which will be made from recycled plastic in future)
– Thermal protection and retention offered by the plastic base
– Measurement lines so consumers and food-vendors know that the correct volume of food is being supplied
– Food does not touch plastic (only glass and silicone)
– Vent doubles as an emergency food-scoop

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