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At the forefront of the recycling revolution, Repurpose It is a market leader in waste to resource recycling. Working alongside the nation’s leading recyclers, Repurpose It is developing and implementing cutting edge technology to fulfil its environmental mission to create value from trash and completely eliminate the need for landfills in the near future.

Key Features


Repurpose It’s website cleans up the image of waste, presenting content in a clean, green, and pleasant layout. Using the parallax effect whilst scrolling, it brings the user through an online landfill experience, creating an illusion that the user is sorting through trash while scrolling.

With a sleek, intuitive user experience and fully-responsive design, the website encourages the user to jump into action and employ Repurpose It’s services to help the company bring its mission to life.


Repurpose It required an exciting and informative digital platform to shine a spotlight on the importance of waste recycling now. The website\’s primary goal is to inform, educate, and inspire the public and commercial target markets by making recycling undeniably tangible to get its message of urgency across.


Repurpose It changes perceptions of waste as fruitless into one of opportunity with honest and positive content expressing the urgency and seriousness for the need of recycling. Employing the use of a sleek, straightforward wireframe equips users with clear site direction, allowing them to find exactly what they\’re looking for quickly with ease.


Immersive photography with parallax effects paired with a combination of timed and trigger image-driven animations brings the user’s everyday rubbish to life by giving it movement and a sense of interaction. These animations grab and hold the user’s attention while breaking down the information into digestible chunks.

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