Regional Australia’s Most Captivating Store – THOMAS Warrnambool




THOMAS’ Warrnambool Store utilises chains in creating regional Australia’s most captivating, yet adventurous shopfront. Aesthetically dynamic and a glittering delight. Recently, the jewellery brand embraced new change and rebranded after over a century. greater group were strongly engaged in this exciting makeover.

With the retail development of today, The Thomas Group’s existing stores were outdated and lacked excitement, so the developed solution was to create sophisticated yet modern store that would have a welcoming and friendly space blurring the lines between Customers and Staff.

The use of innovative materials were key aspects in the design considerations.

Key Features


Large corner site exterior; high quantity fine gold and silver woven chains. Modern and sophisticated aesthetics- signages designed to come alive both through the day and night. Palette utilises timber, stone and soft furnishings with natural tones / textures.


Modularity/flexibility: Adapting walls to house more or less showcases. Floor fixtures enable specific materials to be ‘reinvented’ without complete redesign and replacement of the fixture.


Ease of distribution: Design and installation approached from a multiple rollout perspective; to be implemented across all stores.


Function and shop-ability: open space store plan; customers can browse and view products from all angles with consult areas.

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