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With over 30 years of experience in the food supply industry, Red Jade, a 100% family owned business, is well known for its delicious traditional Asian confectionery and baked goods in the overseas market.

Wanting to take the brand to the next level, Red Jade is setting their sights on breaking out of the traditional mould and creating something memorable and interactive that will appeal to the Australian and western market.

Just as Red Jade’s Peanut Crunch products are unique in taste and texture, the branding and packaging required the same unique flavour and innovation.

Key Features


Stand Out From The Crowd

– Red Jade’s Peanut Crunch is something you need to literally ‘sink your teeth into.’ To play on this unique aspect, we used a mouth and teeth in the design to act as the window for displaying the product to emphasize its freshness.
– Using vibrant colours and unique textures in the packaging ensures Red Jade stands out from their competitors on supermarket shelves. In our research of Red Jade’s competitors, we found they mostly utilised text based, cardboard or plain plastic packaging for their products.


Going Aussie – Brand recognition

– The brand needed to cut through the existing clutter of competitors on supermarket shelves and create immediate brand recognition for consumers.
– Whilst retaining the brand’s history and traditions, the design must appeal to a western / Australian market.



By simplifying the design elements and choosing high quality print packaging, we helped portray Red Jade as a high quality product.


Design Challenge

Designing a package that incorporated Red Jade’s well established history, whilst making it more modern wasn’t the only major challenge we encountered!

There were many more items we needed to tackle like:
– Packaging had to stand out amongst competitors who already had a large share in the market.
– Competitors packaging is more text based so we purposely had to steer away from this to ensure Red Jade’s packaging stands out on the shelf.

As a digital agency, we also kept a potential digital strategy top of mind when designing their packaging.



As Red Jade’s competitors packaging was highly text based, we quickly saw a gaping opportunity to hero Red Jade’s product through a design style that’s never been seen before in this niche of the industry.
We utilised vibrant colours to represent each product category. This meant that consumers were introduced to the three different flavours immediately.
The subtle use of Chinese characters in the background is a nod to the brand’s history and traditions whilst the texture of the packaging (matte and foil) makes the packaging appeal to the Western market.

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