Red Hill Residence


  • Travis Walton Architecture
  • Elisa Watson Photography


This residence is a modern rural retreat, a second home away from the client’s inner city penthouse.

In contrast this house was designed to be minimalistic in detail, robust and functional yet maintain a country charm and strong connection to the rural landscape.

Key Features


The brief was to extend the existing family home to create more living space and address a neglected 1970’s swimming pool.

The design response was to keep the existing residence as is and create a new building addition perpendicular to the existing, a glass bridge connects the two buildings and forms the new formal entrance into the residence.

The new addition forms an L shape series of buildings which shelters the northern swimming pool enclosure from the southerly winds while also creating a public area for vehicles to the south.


Given the landscape setting, careful spatial planning was required to ensure the new addition complimented the nearby native gum trees. This ultimately drove the size and proportion of the new addition resulting in a single width series of open planned spaces.

The final result is a freestanding box element clad in recycled rough sawn Australian messmate timber set on top of exposed aggregate concrete polished flooring.

This formed the basis of the material palette which also comprises in-situ concrete elements as seen in the smooth trowelled island bench and fireplace hearth.


The residence depicts an authentic and unpretentious interpretation of the modern Australian rural home.

Raw, robust and rugged the strong forms of the in-situ concrete elements are then complimented by the natural earthy tones of the recycled rough sawn Australian messmate timber cladding.

In addition to the use of this sustainable timber, the house relies much less on mechanical ventilation with the ability to open up both sides of the living room space entirely to the landscape. A feature timber ceiling defines this area above the living space and extends through to the outside over the outdoor entertaining areas.


The truly innovative aspects of the project are the constant play in materiality and the strong association of this palette to the surrounding rural landscape.

The exposed raw concrete finishes are always seen in contrast to the rough sawn timber cladding and are so elegantly set off by the injections of black metal detailing and the precisely framed views to the landscape beyond.

Each space within the new extension sits in perfect harmony with its adjacent surrounds.


We hope that this project inspires interior designers to take greater inspiration from their surrounding environments to create new aesthetics of modern Australian design rather than being inspired purely online.

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