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The Receva Home Mailbox provides a secure location for your home deliveries, ensuring you never miss a delivery again.

An “Internet of Things” device managed via your smartphone, the Receva Home Mailbox is loaded with features.

A text message is sent when a parcel arrives and the user can then allow remote access to the delivery company (via 4G). There is a temperature gauge for wine lovers, battery monitor and a detailed history of all courier deliveries- all communicated via the app.

Receva is an open platform, designed to work with all delivery companies.

Receva is an Australian Post ‘start-up’.

Key Features


Changes in shopping behaviour have resulted online orders reaching $18bn in Australia in 2017, at a growth rate of 16.2% (IBISWORLD). Parcel, wine and grocery deliveries left unattended at the home are subjected to theft or weather damage. Mail theft is also on the rise with identity crime costing Australians $2.2bn annually (ABCNews).

Receva securely and conveniently receives deliveries to the home, working in the background of the users busy lives. You can securely receive or return parcels without been present. There is also a mail slot to securely receive small paces and letters as normal mail.


Being an “internet of things” device, the Receva Smart Mailbox is designed to fluidly integrate into your life.

Via the Receva app, the Mailbox notifies the user when any deliveries arrive, internal temperature, battery levels and a record of who has delivered into the box and when. This offers the confidence users need to safely receive deliveries when not at home, or even allow access for other reasons- family members, Airbnb guests or sales on Gumtree.

Completely self-contained, the device only needs a battery change once a year. There is a manual override key, and even an internal safety release.


The most immediate visual feature of the Receva Smart Mailbox is its brushed stainless-steel sloped hood- not just a homage to the pitched roof homes it sits proudly in front of but also a functioning rain runoff and heat shield.

The simple yet attractive assembly houses many design features that follow this same “form acting as function” brief. For example, the concrete base of the unit visually ties into the stainless steel hood offering a visual “safety wrap” for the goods within, whilst functionally it acts as a heat soak on hot days as well as a theft protection feature.


Being outside in the all-day everyday is never going to be easy. The Receva Smart Mailbox is engineered to last both the harshest thieves and weather patterns.

The concrete base acts as theft reducing anchor, and can sit in garden beds without damage. The unit also features a secure tether point, with the user either opting for a stainless-steel cable or bolted down for further security.

The outer housing is constructed using durable sheetmetal components, the hood being 304 Stainless Steel to protect against rust and easy penetration. Any mild steel parts are zinc plated and then powder coated.


Receva is proudly produced predominately within the state of Victoria, allowing not only a higher standard of quality control, but also reduced carbon footprint and supporting local economy.

By making the key decision to produce the large key components locally, the Receva team were able to connect with local suppliers and manufacturers- offering a much higher level of transparency in terms of communication and accountability, not to mention faster lead times and easier quality control.

Logistically, local manufacturing also offered a much higher rate of efficiency in regards to the overall environmental impact caused during the shipping process.

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