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After more than a decade, REA Group, the parent company of,, and had outgrown its previous office space and had been searching for a new home that would energise staff and free them from the constraints of legacy technology and workspaces.

futurespace worked with the global real estate giant to deliver the world’s most agile working environment, designed from the ground up and from the inside out. As the real estate sector and the digital media industry grapple with the pace of change, REA Group’s corporate headquarters are designed to enhance innovation and agile working.

Key Features


1. Design Excellence
We have created a fast moving, flowing, visual, malleable and flexible workplace. It combines the best of futurespace’s activity based working expertise and REA’s agile development philosophy to deliver an energising neighbourhood based working environment that is malleable to people’s needs.

A modern workplace has to meet the needs of and be inspiring to its inhabitants. Previously, workplaces focused on individual workers delivering repetitious solutions to simple problems. Twenty-first century workplaces are environments to test and learn. The REA project is a purpose-built research and development workplace enabling the team to better anticipate, experiment and respond to industry disruption.


2. Design Transformation
The workplace is designed to empower people and emphasize human interactions. The emphasis is on providing an environment and support for staff to get their job done, whatever role they have. A couple of great examples are;
– reception is not the most important part of the building, unlike other workplaces. The design focuses on the spaces that the staff use and recognises that people are what add the most value to the business
– libraries with empty shelves were installed on day 1. Gradually staff brought in books, board games and other items to stock these shelves, without this behaviour being prescribed.


3. Design Impact
futurespace collaborated with The Brand Institute to determine what the brand attributes for the physical environment should be. These were based on REA being a lean and agile business, a disruptor and a leader. The notion of ‘home’ was also important.

The three brand attributes became Alive, Authentic and All Over It; touching every part of the design and the physical space. They are demonstrated via the use of strong vibrant colour, honesty of materiality (such as brick and timber), open meeting settings, clear (not obscured) glass and high visibility of work in progress.


4. Design Innovation
The workplace was designed from the inside out; REA’s needs had a significant impact on the final building design. Designing from the ground meant up meant that we were able to integrate significant tenant requirements into the building design (such as the interconnecting stair across 3 levels). Typically a building is finished and ‘handed over’ before a tenant can make any of their own, often costly and substantial, changes.

We worked to apply the principles of lean and agile product and software development to design an end result that is more sustainable and futureproofed against the growth of the organisation.

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