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The blades boasts a full laser engraved designs on the blade, a recurve heel, stainless steel water drip bolsters and a skeleton tang with a translucent resin handle that was cast directly onto the blade. Each blade came with a custom made wooden saya to protect the knife for storage.

These were handmade by us from start to finish and were sole authorship (only one person working on the knife from start to finish).

Key Features


Inspired by our own city, Melbourne, we created a limited edition Rainy Dayz chef\’s knife. For those who love a night in cooking with the rain coming down outside. It is for lovers of misty mornings and wet afternoons. A celebration of the sound of rain hitting your roof and the wind blowing at your windows.


Our limited editions are incredibly popular and the Rainy Dayz was no exception selling out in 5 minutes. We are always blown away with the response we get from our limited editions and Rainy Dayz was no exception being featured in a number of press outlets both print and web.


Our limited editions are about pushing the boundaries of how people think of Australian made and to change the perception of what is a chef\’s knife. They must be functional but also we seek to create tools that act as emotional anchors.


Cooking is one of life’s great joys and knives are often our primary interaction between ourselves and our food. The tools we use when cooking shape our engagement with our food and through that the people we cook for.

It is with this in mind that Cut Throat Knives are designed to enhance the cooking experience.

Our goal with our limited edition is to create a tool that is imbued with a story. So that every time you use that kitchen tool it makes you feel good and helps to create loving and lovely kitchen memories.

The meal is this incredible human institution and we aim to enhance it with our work.

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