Raidho DeskTopper


  • Raidho Solutions


The Raidho DeskTopper is a portable, economical stand-up at work solution for desks, tables and benches. It can be utilised by anyone who wants to work standing up.

Key Features


The product was designed to provide a simple, economical and high quality option for people who want to alleviate some of the potential health problems associated with prolonged sitting.
The compact size of the Raidho DeskTopper enables users to maximise usage of a standard sized desk for both, standing and sitting work modes, side by side.
The Raidho DeskTopper has been designed for use with notebooks and tablets; however it is equally suited for a desktop PC / Mac. The work top is large enough to accommodate a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The product can be employed in various settings.


The Raidho DeskTopper meets its design brief as follows:
• Fits on a standard desk.
• Model range caters for different customer height requirements.
• Is suitable for Notebooks, PC\’s/Mac\’s and Tablets.
• Is stable and safe to use and can take static load up to 100kg.
• Is portable and weighs less than 6kg.
• Is able to be assembled / disassembled by user without tools.
• Final sale price is below A$ 150 (ex GST).
• Is easy to manufacture using existing materials with low environmental impact.
• Is made in Australia utilising local labour and materials.

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