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Ethiopian Australian Rahma Mohamed launched Rahma in February 2016 after living and developing textiles with artisans in her native Ethiopia. Rahma The Label endeavours to create contemporary and trans-seasonal collections. All pieces are designed in Melbourne and produced in Ethiopia, with a focus on ethical textile development by artisans. The label strives to capture and represent a unique and modern representation of Ethiopian culture as Rahma explores her identity. Rahma The Label does this by preserving the essence of being Ethiopian, whilst re-defining the landscape of fashion in Ethiopia.

Key Features


The label works ethically with artisans using cotton from famers in Ethiopia. The label believes that in order to support the community it must start from the core. Working with artisans maintains traditional elements of woven textiles native to Ethiopia. Artisans are experts and Rahma views developing textiles as an art form. By giving people resources to work and provide for themselves and their families, it helps build and extend the culture authentically. It is vital to develop strong relationships with the people involved in the process from the beginning to end.


The Label encourages investing in ethical and environmental factors when developing and creating. Rahma the label does this by using natural resources to explore, expand and create meaning behind the use of textiles as an art form. The label uses vegetable dye in small batches to minimise the effects on the environment as well as designing pieces with no season in mind. The collections are released with a focus on the environmental impact of waste. The pieces are made in limited runs with almost the entirety for pre-order. That allows maximum use of resources with minimise waste. All pieces are designed gender fluid as the aim is to create pieces that can be easily incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.

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