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A branding and marketing agency website showcasing design services, projects & client case studies. The Qualia logo has always been red, it started as a tomato red and evolved to a deeper plum colour. In this website design the content is black and white with colour only coming from the brand red now appearing only as a navigation highlight and from the projects themselves. The intention was to showcase our clients branding, not the agencies. By keeping the focus on the client work and keeping the imagery full screen the intention was for a more immersive viewing experience.

Key Features


The challenge with visually rich content websites is to showcase the work in the strongest way for multiple viewing devices. Generating a design that accommodated imagery at its most generous sizes while allowing supporting text and background information to feature without detracting from the visual impact was the challenge. The integration was achieved through text floating over imagery, bold headings and larger opening paragraphs; a design solution that stemmed from a more traditional hi-end print magazine design aesthetic yet refined to work with the natural evolution of digital content engagement.


Increasingly communication is expanding to capitalise on the advancements of evolving digital platforms. As designers in communication our role is to present ideas and services in the most relevant manner. At Qualia we wanted the website to be as much about the work as possible – hence the full screen imagery, minimal text and recessive navigation. Keeping the logo, all primary navigation and text floating over the imagery helped prioritise the user experience around the work and not who made it.


As communication platforms rapidly evolve a designers role is to capitalise on these advances, using the opportunity to extend the communication experience. This project is one such example. Maintaining web presence is critical in todays business environment and as marketing specialists we wanted our website to reflect how this could be achieved. Presenting our own work, using our own company as an example – we wanted to create an unobtrusive, yet dynamic viewing experience, one that is considered, memorable and effective; hopefully inspiring other businesses on ways to connect with their audiences.


The intuitive nature of scanning a contents page vertically and then moving from left to right to locate content drove the UX, resulting in a parallax interface with vertical project listings and horizontal access to view case studies, process and ideas.

The design intention was to create a minimal website that still felt content-rich. Incorporating typographic statements and shifting title sizes leant the website a more integrated picture and text experience while the parallax navigation was a contemporary take on the traditional reading of print media. The full-screen design avoided the inclusion of distracting, unnecessary UI/UX elements.

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