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QSR International produces data analysis software (under the label of NVivo), as well as books, manuals and courses. QSR needed a site that would simplify the purchasing process for consumers, as well as being able to handle e-commerce across many locations and currencies. QSR was also seeking a site that offered more streamlined content administration. The new site has resulted in a 23% uplift in e-commerce. Site engagement is also up, with visitors being around 15% more engaged in terms of time spent on-site and number of pages viewed.

Key Features


1. Pricing Wizard
One of the key features of this project is a user-friendly pricing wizard, which guides users through the purchasing process. This feature takes the user through various steps including specifying whether they’re looking to purchase new software or upgrade, how many licences they need, whether they’re on Mac or PC, and whether it’s for standard or educational use etc. The pricing wizard also allows the user to add on things like courses, subscriptions, books and manuals.


2. Content Administration
From a content administration perspective, the site includes 20 content widgets. This vastly simplifies the content management process, while giving QSR staff greater flexibility in terms of what they can achieve with their content layouts. This has put control of the content back into the hands of the client, rather than them having to rely on a developer for anything more than basic text edits. The client reports that there has been a notable rise in content administration efficiency as a result.


3. Automatic Software Upgrade Functionality
Users of NVivo can now request to upgrade their software version from within the software itself. By clicking the ‘upgrade’ button, users are taken to QSR’s website where the site’s CMS detects the user details, enabling the customer to complete the upgrade purchase without resubmitting their personal details. This feature means the barriers to upgrading are largely removed.

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