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In the last 20 years, Australian workplace design has been revolutionary. Many businesses in Australia have work-spaces that are flexible, tech enabled, provide choice to cater for individual needs and preferences, have collaborative and concentrative spaces, are sustainable, with a focus on health and well-being.

This level of amenity has only ever been available the STAFF of an organisation; innovation when it comes to customer engagement and CLIENT spaces has not evolved at all.

Until now. Futurespace has designed approx. 10,000m2 of Client Collaboration Floors for PwC Melbourne that provides opportunities for engagement and collaboration with clients like never before.

Key Features


New ways of Working: This project reimagines how an established global professional services firm could get ahead of disruption in business and work with clients in revolutionary, innovative ways. Clients now have a huge range of choice when they engage and collaborate with PwC, beyond a traditional formal meeting. Utilising the best of ‘out of industry’ examples, PwC’s clients can meet in more open environments, more hospitality style environments, more technology led environments to collaborate in ways they’ve never been able to before. This project recognises that our world is 24/7 world and that clients require a unique, bespoke experience.


The Stair; meandering over 4 floors this is an interactive device designed to facilitate horizontal and vertical connection, creating a ‘bump’ factor for serendipitous interactions. This steel framed structural element sits within a 22m x 6m void. Suspended off the stair are meeting ‘pods’ made of coloured glass, accessed via ‘gangplanks’ from the main floor slab. The meeting pods are acoustically treated and people walk over the top of these to find new physical and philosophical perspectives. The stair lands in a podium level on the lowest floor – this podium acts as stage set for presentations and a work area.


Technology; is used throughout in order to enhance the experience. A Digital touch screen ‘waterfall’ runs continuously through the 4 floors providing information and thought leadership to clients. A 360 degree tech lab provides an immersive environment for a variety of engagements. Media Fountains provide directions to vacant meeting rooms and other amenities throughout. The digital ‘Welcome Wall’ can be configured to align with events, special guests or thought leadership stories. There is also a digital artwork by Bruce Ramus – a living Flame Tree spanning 4 floors that maps external weather information to create a living, growing, indigenous, digital tree


Analogue; in a digital world, the way we communicate face to face is changing. This project places an emphasis on analogue in recognition that innovation happens when different neural paths are switched on. Co-creation, collaboration, hackathons, sandpits and other types of analogue interactions are supported by flexible, reconfigurable furniture and accessories. There is a new openness and ‘permission to lead’, enabling the business to unlock potential, solve complex social and business problems and capitalise on ‘the unexpected’. For a risk averse consulting firm this openness and innovation is truly invigorating and has already led to new strategies, products and services.


Aesthetic; Melbourne is a city known for its liveability and its avantgarde nature. We took this, along with the PwC brand, as inspiration for the architecture. Melbourne is a thriving, creative, forward thinking city and the design is a reflection of this. The palette is bold and energetic to reflect the energy, intelligence and creativity of Melbourne’s people. After being greeted, visitors invariably are taken to the Drop Café, representing part of Melbourne’s social coffee culture. Warmth, hospitality, generosity of spirit and knowledge sharing are the currency at PwC, and the palette of finishes, materials and architectural details underpins this.

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