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Deakin Scout demonstrates Deakin’s preparation for digital disruption and opportunities inherent in the Internet-of-Things, and our thought-leadership and innovation in student experience. Leveraging our strategic partnership with Cisco, Deakin has developed an innovative solution that uses Cisco and the University’s extensive existing wireless infrastructure to determine the position of users’ wireless devices around campus. Using this locational information, Deakin is able to provide personalised services for mobile, web-based and digital signage channels. Scout provides the platform and interface for our users to access these contextual services, enriching user experience by providing relevant digital services as users move around our campus.

Key Features


Personalised Proximity provides users with engaging, individually relevant information when they approach Scout-enabled digital signs/screens. The information presented is personalised through the Scout mobile app, based on user-selected subscriptions and preferences.


Locational Notifications provide campus users with content-rich notifications and alerts, triggered by entering and exiting the campus or accessing particular areas on campus. Messages are personalised, based on users’ subscriptions and preferences, and also contextualised to their specific campus location.


Near Me Services enable excellent ‘opt-in’ collaborative opportunities for staff and students on campus by enabling them to share their current location with members of their Deakin communities – friends, peers or study/work groups. Users can easily hide their whereabouts at any time, and adjust how specific the location information they broadcast to others is.


Occupancy and Traffic provides both user experience and enterprise efficiency benefits. Users are able to see in real-time how busy spaces are on campus. Armed with this information, students and staff can determine the best place to collaborate, study or engage with others.

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