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The Neat Series is designed as an extension to the Proper ecosystem of Apple device mounting solutions. Its design is a response to our ever increasing attachment to personal technology, and the constant need to both neatly store and charge these devices frequently.

The Neat Series delivers a sculptural combination of storage and charging, giving the iPhone and Apple Watch a ‘home’ that keeps them safe, organised and charged.

Key Features


Designed to resolve experience shortcomings

Effective device and charge management is most apparent at work on your desk, or at home, typically in a bedside environment. The Neat series, comprised of the Neat Stand and Neat Mount each uniquely solve for these two primary use cases.

The Neat Stand keeps your desk organised. The integrated watch stand is tucked behind and out of the way, whilst iPhone is visible and perfectly angled at a glance.

The Neat Mount keeps bedside clutter to a minimum. Mounted to the wall, both devices are within reach, perfectly positioned for music and alarm use.


Longevity over Obsolescence

All of the materials used in the Neat series have been selected for their durable, long lasting properties. Longevity is central to how we design our products. The modularity within our brand means customers can continue to use Proper products as they upgrade their Apple devices year after year. We buck the typical consumer electronics trend by designing our products to last a century, not a season.


Low Profile

Our approach to designing the Neat series was to prioritise an intuitive user experience, beautiful, approachable design whilst being as minimal as possible. Comparable solutions are often over engineered, unnecessarily complicated and consume far too large a footprint.


Cable Management

A primary friction point with personal technology is the incessant nest of charging cables resulting from the need to keep multiple devices charged. It is one of the only components of the user experience that can often feel totally unconsidered. The Neat series fully integrates and manages charging cables so that they become a considered part of the experience, and are always perfectly positioned for quick attachment to your device.


Beautiful Materiality

Our personal devices are as much an expression of our personality as they are tools for productivity and entertainment. They are devices that we treasure and choose carefully. We wanted to reflect this within the Neat range. We have chosen to craft the products from the same high grade Aluminium used by Apple, with very similar surface and colour treatments to give each user a choice that reflects their personal style. Our design is intentionally sculptural, designed to provide visual enjoyment and to enhance your personal environment.

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