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In Australia, every day 1 million empty water bottles end up in landfill. Bottled water is convenient and promoted by super models in bikinis. This in stark contrast to the stainless steel, urinal resembling public fountains that are hard to find and often positioned next to rubbish bins.

Project 0 makes drinking tap water in public spaces a positive experience.
The blank Project 0 Art Fountain functions as a canvas for an artist. By engaging the community in the art creation process and by creating shared ownership people will feel connected to their local Project 0 Art Fountain.

Key Features


Design Innovation
Most public drinking fountains have been designed with the local council as the customer in mind. The Project 0 Art Fountain has been designed with the end user in mind. The person that wants access to clean, attractive and widely available water refilling stations.

Rather than ‘just’ providing a drinking fountain, the Project 0 Art Fountain incorporates art for a more connected and positive experience, enhancing the meaning of public spaces and encouraging people to pause, refresh and enjoy their surroundings.

The Project 0 Art Fountain combines a functional need with an artistic outcome.


Design Impact
Project 0 is a response to the big question: “Why is it that we drink so much bottled water”. In Australia alone we spent $700 million per annum on bottled water. To turn this situation around, we need to apply a systems approach and revisit our water drinking habits in public spaces.

Project 0 delivers an attractive, design-driven solution to the environmental impact associated with drinking bottled water. The key elements of the project are design, public art, collective funding, shared ownership and community engagement.


Design for Behavioural Change
When designing for behavioural change it is important to minimize the barriers that create the unwanted behaviour as well as to facilitate the infrastructure to stimulate the desired behaviour.

The majority (85%) of people are concerned about the safety or cleanliness of public bubblers and feel uncomfortable to drink directly from them. The Project 0 Art Fountain has been specifically designed for bottle refilling only. This addresses both the hygiene barrier as well as creating the infrastructure to encourage people to carry their own water bottle.

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