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The world of medical research, when viewed through a microscope, is one of wonder and beauty where nature and biology can be seen in the most delicate and intricate forms.

Tiny cells, a cluster of embryos, organisms multiplying – these are the unique views seen through the researcher’s lens. It is a breathtaking view not seen by the public.

Pretty Little Things celebrates and explores this beauty by re-interpreting microscopic images provided by students, staff and researchers associated with The University of Melbourne into modern abstract patterns enhanced through a fluorescent colour palette.

Key Features


The project is over 250 metres in length with a selection of the artwork patterns embellished in glow-in-the-dark vinyl to reinterpret scientific imagery into a dynamic visual narrative.


The artwork is presented in two Metro Tunnel Project site gantries which run parallel to The University of Melbourne’s main entrance on Grattan Street, Parkville.

Pretty Little Things is on display until December 2019.


Pretty Little Things is part of the Metro Tunnel Creative Program – a program that is dedicated to enhancing city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel Project.

The work is installed along a site that is traversed by thousands each day, but is often dark.

The transformation was to create a light, memorable and engaging site while the surrounding environment is being transformed.


Over 250 metres of fluro adhesive vinyl was produced for this large-scale installation. The nature of the install, the print and volume meant that this was the first application of its kind globally, and products had to be sourced from the United States and Japan.

Working together with our production partners we created a solution that enabled us to print directly onto this material in an economical way, reducing material wastage and unnecessary costs. Solvent UV inks were used to print on the vinyl using a wide format digital printer.

In total, over 40 individual bay artworks were created. Each bay was created in six printed sections, with each section having three layers to it – the print, the glow in the dark pieces on selected bays and then finally the clear vinyl that sealed it all together. Installation took over 10 days to complete.

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