Preston Fresh Hood Market


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The ‘Preston Fresh Hood Market’ was designed as a place-maklng and activation strategy to attract fresh new operators and visitors to the Preston Market (VIC 3072). The project transformed an abandoned building on the market site into a new collective retail hub featuring food, drink, art, music, events and even salon services. The project aim was to highlight Preston as an emerging centre for art and food, as well as to bring new commercial interest to the market site which is scheduled for an aesthetic upgrade in coming months.

Key Features


Repurposing the old market building in creative ways was the main objective so we aimed to keep the original use in line with the new use. For instance the old butcher shop is now a BBQ shop, the Deli is now a chicken shop and the fishmonger became a ’beermonger’ selling craft beer and oysters.


Street Art was a major factor in the design – we invited 18 major Melbourne street artists to work over 3 days on world first collaborations. Artists included Dvate, Cam Scale, Mayo, Bailer, Jack Douglas, Heesco, Steve Cross, 23rd Key and many more.


Building relationships with council and local stakeholders i.e. We offered a rent free space for Melbourne Polytechnic Students to sell and exhibit their works, worked with City of Darebin to host their 20th Music Feast Event

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