Premium Hip-Hugger Laundry & Clothes Line Basket with Unique ‘Dry Zone’ Feature


  • Sandra Dobbin


HomeLeisure introduces to the market a unique 45L Premium Hip-Hugger laundry basket that has been designed with the consumers’ needs in mind. HomeLeisure, whilst established more than 30 years ago, have been designing and manufacturing this type of consumer product in Victoria, Australia, for more than 10 years and we believe our new design will make a significant difference to the end user with its ergonomic shape. Designed specifically for consumer comfort, the soft grip non-slip handles, ergonomic form and trademarked Dry Zone panel allows for ease of use.

Key Features


The new Dry Zone panel has been added to the inner side of the basket where it hugs the hip or the tummy area, preventing the user from becoming damp from wet laundry while carrying it. The curved hip-hugging design ensures the basket contours the hip, allowing for even weight distribution, making it easier to balance while carrying. The open, cut-out design ensures continuous air flow, keeping contents aerated and fresh, wet or dry. Our new soft-touch, non-slip handles in two different mouldings, coupled with the way they fit into the design, achieves design excellence in our product category.


HomeLeisure have designed a unique, more ergonomic laundry basket with soft-grip, non-slip handles on three sides of the basket for multiple carrying options. A slimmer, softer, more curved hip-hugging design form assists ergonomically, with even weight distribution of its contents. The new Dry Zone ensures that the users’ hip or tummy area are kept dry when transporting wet laundry, no matter how the unit is held, and the soft, non-slip ergonomic handles ensures a very secure grip for the user even with wet hands. This laundry basket is now modern, functional, attractive and reliable.


Size and shape allows for optimum weight distribution
Ergonomic curve maximises carrying comfort
Dry Zone prevents the user coming in contact with wet contents
Thermal plastic rubber handles have been added for comfort and ease of carry
Available in traditional white or modern charcoal colours


The Dry Zone panel has been added to the inner side of the laundry basket where it hugs the hip or tummy area to prevent the user from becoming damp while carrying the basket. The inner wall of the basket has been designed to ergonomically fit the curve of the hip to allow for ease of carry and weight distribution. The slim-line contour of the rim of the basket accentuates the design form ensuring the weight is evenly balanced while it wraps the hip or tummy area of the user.


Designed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia
Dry Zone feature
Soft-grip handles
Ergonomic shape
Modern colours

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