Premax: Performance skincare reimagined


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Premax is a sports skincare company founded by renowned sports physiotherapist Randall Cooper in regional Victoria – it is now the preferred massage cream brand of most elite sporting teams in Australia and gaining traction around the world as a great Australian export story!

Key Features


The current brandmark was optimised, both via typography and form, to create a sense of integrity and professionalism, whilst still retaining its roots. Premax’s primary blue was optimised to have a more and refined distinct hue and became the dominant portfolio colour. The end-user strategy was focused around creating a desire to purchase, with a design system that heroes the brandmark in premium foil finishes, as well as ease of navigation via vibrant pops of colour to aid shopability in all environments. Tactile finishes were used to distinguish between products and the outer packaging was customised for improved ergonomics.


Over the course of a few short years Premax had established itself as one of the pioneers in high performance sports, exercise and skincare. As Sports Skincare is an emerging category, it was important that the new design amplified Premax’s pioneering leadership with a unique, sophisticated and minimal design that captured the style and function of its high-performance range. The branding solution is based on the idea of fusing science with style – elevating the product design from a scientific and functionally based aesthetic to a lifestyle brand that customers and consumers are proud to be associated with.


Since the redesign, the entire product suite has been ranged by Sigma Sports ( in the UK, who had previously dismissed the products based on their appearance not being a fit with their premium brand. Sigma Sports is a £25m business and is London/UK\’s benchmark cycling and running store. Commenting on the new design they said, \”We knew the products were excellent, however, we baulked previously due to the packaging. We can now easily see this in our store.\”

Runner\’s Need ( has also taken on Premax with the buyer saying, \”It’s premium and different to everything else on the market”.

Sales have increased 25% month on month since relaunching with the new packaging design in April 2020 and Premax is now trading well about comparative 2019 figures. Marketing spend for Premax was reduced to almost zero over the past few months since the relaunch, so the growth has been an organic reach, via word of mouth, and their brand ambassadors all pointing to the design effectiveness of the new packaging.


With his sights set on international growth and a passion for quality and innovation – Premax engaged The Edison Agency to help strategically reposition the brand with new visual identity system, storytelling approach and packaging design. Edison’s focus was to elevate the brands visual expression and align it to the premium reputation it had already established in market – with leading industry retailers communicating that their previous design was a key barrier to stocking the range.

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