Precinct Energy Project, Dandenong


  • Peter Hogg + Toby Reed Architects


The Dandenong Precinct Energy Project (P.E.P.) is a flagship project in the implementation of low carbon energy generation in Victoria. The P.E.P. will supply the buildings in a 7 hectare redevelopment precinct with electricity and heating thermal energy (Cogeneration) in the form of hot water with twice the efficiency of a typical gas fired power station, with less than half the carbon emissions of a coal fired power station. In addition, some building’s will utilize the hot water produced to run absorption chillers to provide cooling, resulting in even greater efficiencies, and further reduced emissions

Key Features


The PEP is a new way of thinking about \’Green Architecture\’:
PEP aims to provoke discussion about the environment, society’s power consumption and our future in a warming world in a fun way, without preaching.

The PEP is a new type of public building:
The introduction of Cogeneration into the urban fabric has resulted in a new type of public building. On a pivotal and highly constrained site we have endeavoured to give the building a highly sculptural form and to activate the surrounding area, while allowing for the stringent requirements of the “green machine” inside.

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