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PowerPelmet™ aka Improved Pelmet is an insulated, compact, and lightweight window pelmet designed for custom fitting and self-installation.

It is opened out of its central sleeve and placed above, or in front of a window, like a picture is hung on a wall.

A pelmet (also called a “cornice board”) is a framework placed above a window, used to conceal curtain fixtures. These can be used decoratively (to hide the curtain rod) and help insulate the window by preventing convection currents.

Key Features


Aesthetic appeal comes from myriad textures and finishes available. The patented sleeve ‘L’ hub can be an obvious feature or reduced in size changing the appearance without reducing the functionality of the product.

PowerPelmet™ and its variants, those being a solar collector type, and 12V DC powered unit address energy conservation, recycling and economic imperatives.

This unit can capture recyclables in its manufacture and supply chain. Its compactness and scalability aid in transport, logistics, retail display, and removes considerable installation costs associated with traditional trades-built pelmets.

The design fosters an incentive to install for its cost-savings and ease of operation.


Pelmets have fallen out of use through ignorance of their thermal benefits and because of so-called fashion trends, because they may be considered quaint and dated. Low-cost housing may not have pelmets fitted, or in some cases they may have been removed and not replaced over time.

Many homes do not have pelmets and may never have had them for reasons outlined.

Some modern dwellings do not need pelmets because of double-glazing or other treatments. However, this is not universal.

Economic hardship around energy access and high-costs is well documented in Australia, with several studies pointing to this reality.


The Industrial Design process around this product is ongoing and will take into consideration – AS/NZS/ISO compliance to absorb waste materials in the form of re-purposed and reconstituted materials.

This product is in prototype phase and has not reached commercialisation.

This design borrows its non patented characteristics from a range of proven technologies.

Solar collection and energy storage options.
Thermal dynamics of materials used in manufacture.

Intended use and therefore functionality of the three main variants.


Pelmets expand out-of-the-box almost 3-times in width.

The user is central to the design in that they manage an installation task usually reserved for a trades-person or specialist.

Users benefit from control of installation; selection of textures and finish if they choose, or select a multiple-choice set of Bizgen® pelmets to cover their innate requirements.

Entry-level Bizgen® pelmets complement a flat-pack and self-assembly consumer culture. Base variants might be of Specialised fibre products resembling cardboard.

Several sizes would fit a multitude of window openings because of the premise of pelmet wings emanating from the ‘L-shaped’ cocoon or hub.


Dynamic engagement in this niche drives consumer interest at entry-level; those initially seeking thermal, insulative properties and relief from ‘bill-shock’.

Upgrading their pelmets in high-traffic living areas as required, to powered/solar coupled devices: PowerPELMETS™ or SolarPELMETS™ (solar/12V DC).

Key Government and NGO stakeholders now face significant challenges in energy and waste management. This product ticks many of their KPI for sustainability and will garner their interest and engagement.

Adding to energy-star rating required by legislation, PowerPELMET™ and variants are well-placed to shift public perception about including technologies in new ways – stimulating demand for their greater participation in energy use reduction.

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