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The energy market needed a shake up. Powerclub challenged the sataus quo as the first member-owned energy retailer allowing the purchase of energy and services at wholesale prices – without profit.

Despite an appetite for change by both consumers and regulators, Powerclub needed to overcome several challenges as they broke into the market. They needed to be seen in a crowded, information overloaded market, be considered in a characteristically short selection decision cycle, and achieve user buy in that requires membership and financial contributions upfront.

Key Features


The energy market demands simplicity. A strategic, simple user experience was created where users could easily learn how Powerclub’s model worked without being scared away or experiencing information overload. The Registration enabled users to easily sign up and become part of the Powerclub community.

The Portal gave them a space to manage their account, interpret their energy usage allowing them to make changes to the way they consume energy.


Powerclub\’s energy model empowered Australians with more knowledge and choice – to connect and engage with their energy consumption. Although energy is something we use everday, many of us don\’t pay attention it as we often get overwhelmed with information. We\’ve challenged this by strategicly by creating UX that feels simple and easy to join – Registration with 5 easy steps and the portal that allows the user to watch their energy usage via interactive graph to learn when they most/less use their energy.


Powerclub\’s complicated system requirements needed to be translated into the most simple user experience while expressing their uniqueness by design.

The market they are reaching to needed to resonate with the early adopters, with the detail oriented people, the energy savvy types and with those feeling the financial pressure.

Together with Powerclub, we\’ve delivered a brand experience that authentically resonated with people. And it\’s been rewarded with trust, loyalty and positive sentiment.


Interactive calculation tools – To capcure interests from explorers, we provided tools to calculate \’Powerbank deposit\’ and \’How much you can save\’ instead of PDF documents and pricing tables pre Registration

5 Simple steps to registration – Registration can often seem time consuming and overwhelming. We\’ve conquered this by designing registration steps with Yes/No toggles for simlicity with a summary card that updates as they proceed

Real time energy usage portal – Designed and developed the user portal where consumers can login, see their energy usage real time by day/month/year which gives them more control and bring members closer to their energy consumption

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