Policy Booth ePublic Digital Engagement Platform


  • Policy Booth
  • RMIT University
  • Smartface
  • Studio Propeller


Policy Booth works with communities, local governments, businesses & organisations, providing them with the insights needed for better decision-making. They partnered with RMIT to design ePublic, a digital survey platform to complement their existing energetic & experiential ‘pop-up’ engagement strategy.

With the help of Smartface and Studio Propeller, Policy Booth and RMIT successfully designed and developed a strong brand identity, client facing website, and ePublic; this innovative digital consultation platform.

Policy Booth have successfully used these platforms and tools to deliver several engagements, including one for the NGV’s Melbourne Now Exhibition.

Key Features


Policy booth already had a sophisticated design approach to engaging community through pop-up engagement experiences. Any digital platform brought into this environment needed to support this aesthetic sensitivity, whilst being applicable and usable across a wide range of contexts.

ePublic’s UI demonstrates design excellence because each survey is easily tweakable with a range of visual supports, allowing Policy Booth to spend time designing better engagement questions rather than producing digital screen designs.

ePublic supports novel and engaging question types and preserves the context of questions by including imagery and illustration into the interface.


Policy Booth were a start up, with modest budget and time for new tools, and ePublic innovatively responds to these constraints.

ePublic combines cost and risk effectiveness of open-source platforms with bespoke digital features like cloud based storage, social media integration for sharing surveys, question types designed to support a more engaging experience (image based questions, drag & drop, card sorting etc), all wrapped in a UI that functions across multiple devices and platforms.

Technically, ePublic was designed to let Policy Booth hit the ground running, and since its launch, has been rolled out in over 20 community engagements.


ePublic demonstrates design excellence with respect to research and framing. Online surveys are notoriously disengaging. Policy Booth already had strong methods for face to face engagement, and a goal to extend this business into the digital.

RMIT, Smartface and Propeller helped frame this tightly resourced project to produce a product that deeply engages people to respond to important questions in a digital format.

Leveraging the tactility of touch screen devices and communication bandwidth of visual language, ePublic is a digital survey experience equally at home at the NGV, the Victoria Markets, or outside City Hall.

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