Pleated Neckties




For hundreds of years, neckties have been made with various fabric types but with limited variations in the actual design of the necktie.

This new design incorporates pleats in the necktie. These pleats are carefully drafted into the necktie pattern thereby creating unique design.

These designs and many variations of these designs have been protected worldwide by intellectual property laws and will be manufactured in Australia and exported worldwide.

Patents (variously called, “design registrations”, “industrial designs and, “design patents”) obtained in Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and the European Union. Pending in USA, Russia and India.

Key Features


The traditional design of the necktie has been very plain, basic and unaltered for centuries. These new designs have created opportunity to improve on the shape of the necktie and to make it look a more appealing, innovative, and unique item.

These unique designs will likely create need for customers to update their wardrobes by addition of these styles to their collections.

The variations to these designs make them appropriate for various occasions and age groups.


Worldwide patents increase the prospects to maximise market share.

The pleated necktie uses pattern making principles to incorporate pleats in the basic necktie pattern.

The new pleated designs require a slightly different manufacturing process than that required for normal necktie production. This production process will create opportunity for businesses and employment in the local (Victorian) economy.

Environmental sustainability of the new necktie is maximised by the majority of the included fabrics and packaging being bio degradable.


These designs of necktie have created the opportunity to take the business globally as these designs are protected by intellectual property laws in all major economies around the world.

There has been constant enquires from fashion agents both locally and around the world to get wholesale quantities to sell in their respective countries.

The requirement for a unique manufacturing process has been accepted with enthusiasm by local businesses. The enthusiasm is accounted for by the secure opportunity to produce new lines of product that are protected by patents.


The exciting qualities of luxury and beauty are enhanced by the new design’s visually striking departure from centuries of ubiquitous sameness in the world of neckties.

These new original, new and innovative designs have led to great user experience as these designs have created a new market of innovative and unique designs.

These new designs will definitely set new standards both nationally and internationally due to the innovative look and feel of the necktie – the design of which until now has long been left untouched.

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