Pitch Desk


  • Louis McGowan
  • RMIT University


Pitch – named in reference to the ideas and productivity it seeks to facilitate – was developed in response to the blurring line between traditional work environments and home. Through confident aesthetics and innovative storage solutions, Pitch seeks to facilitate productivity in the busiest of households and facilitate focussed and efficient work habits. Through honest materials and innovative construction, Pitch reconsiders how we should design for the human form. It facilitates user autonomy as an aspirational product which upholds sustainability through all of its facets. The dimensions are 740mm high, 1200mm wide, and 700mm deep.

Key Features


Pitch desk is a study of modern working habits and the human form. The system allows for interchangeable adjustable legs and drawers for a customizable, aspirational product that evolves with the user. The inviting heat, scratch and bacteria resistant nanotech work surface is soft to the touch and reduces glare, lessening eye strain. Minimising visual congestion is achieved through concealed cable management and sliding drawers. Pitch allows for user autonomy, facilitating the freedom to work how you choose with minimal distraction. The slanted front edge welcomes the user’s forearms and wrists, allowing them to type and draw comfortably and reducing fatigue.


Pitch enables focus, resulting in a more rewarding working-from-home experience. The desk is made with solid timber joinery, reducing the need for hardware which interrupts the end of life process. The Australian furniture industry has declined in the utilisation of local timbers as American oak and walnut take the stage. Pitch seeks to re-engage the modernity of local Australian timbers and economies. As trends fluctuate, the adaptive design gives option to update legs or drawer solutions to refresh the work-space. If and when the work surface becomes worn out, it can be swapped out for other colours or timber veneers.


Pitch seeks to establish a new hyper-functional system, enabling users to work from home. The stability and high quality Australian materials create a dynamic, yet structured, work environment. Through its humble stature, Pitch sets a new standard in elevating the aesthetic, function, and quality of Australian designed and manufactured furniture. The desk reconsiders how we should design for the human form. It establishes a framework that focuses on tactility and user autonomy, in a package that can be economically produced with CNC machinery and human assembly.


Pitch desk sought to solve problems inherent in many working-from-home dynamics. The box structure eliminates the need for additional rails to support the solid FSC certified Victorian Ash legs. Pitch utilises two levels which accommodate free sliding, recycled PET felt drawers allowing for ‘soft’ storage of documents. These can be used to stow documents and be placed on top without scratching the surface. Blending into the residential landscape, Pitch is a response to the busy work environment we face, looking to bring elegance and organization. All materials and finishes used in Pitch are low VOC and Green Star compliant.


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