Pilot Retractable Belt System


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The Pilot Retractable Belt System is a purpose-designed pedestrian control and hazard management system. Incorporating an extensive range of specially designed accessories to increase its application across a diverse range of businesses and industries, it brings an entirely new level of functionality and versatility to the area of pedestrian management and hazard awareness.

Key Features


Retractable belt barriers have been around for a long time, but the flexibility of The Pilot System is new and unique. The innovative Twist-lok feature of the Pilot Retractable Belt System enables it to be attached to a variety of mounting options so that it can be quickly deployed to isolate safety hazards and control pedestrian movement.


The unique Twist-lok feature of the Pilot Retractable Belt System enables quick and easy mounting of the belt unit itself and is featured across the entire range of accessories. Accessories can not only be quickly mounted directly onto the Pilot Belt Unit but also traffic cones, posts or even each other, resulting in an unprecedented range of applications that can be tailored at the flick of a wrist to suit each environment.


The assembly of Pilot Retractable Belt Unit itself is a complex process and involved considerable training of our production and receiving staff as well as the manufacture of purpose-designed assembly work-stations.
A 3D printer was purchased to enable fast production of prototypes – expanding the limits of our design capability and resulting in many more design-led solutions.
Our sales team has undergone extensive training to enable them to recommend the correct Pilot products for each customers\’ unique needs.


The Pilot Retractable Belt Unit is complimented by an extensive and unique range of accessories and mounting options. While each Pilot Unit is supplied with a traffic cone mount adaptor, the following accessories are also available:
• Mounting posts in a range of material and base options.
• Wall and Magna mount brackets
• Solar-powered lights
• Sign holders
• Portable Multi-Post and Co-Pilot20 mounting posts
• Hi5 Multi-purpose hooks for keeping leads off the ground, or hanging safety vests etc
• Pilot-Caddy for storing safety equipment such as earplugs, safety glasses etc
• Pump bottle and cradle for sunscreen, hand wash etc


Each Pilot Belt Unit features quality stainless steel bearings and aluminium shafts for added durability and reliability. The extra-long 10-metre belts are available in a wide range of standard colours and safety-related prints, and custom printed belts are also available on request. The Pilot Retractable Belt System is compatible with many existing systems on the market and is designed, produced and assembled in Geelong, Victoria.

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