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Phoenix Australia is a not-for-profit, internationally recognised expert in trauma related mental health and wellbeing.

Despite their prestige and research acumen, there was a perception that Phoenix Australia did not have the brand recognition of similar organisations in their field.

Hive was commissioned to do a comprehensive overhaul of the Phoenix Australia brand, to achieve a stronger and more meaningful presence on the world stage.

Brand building for Phoenix is a functional tool for communicating the impact of their efforts. Done well this will help increase research funding and ultimately broaden the contribution they can make to society.

Key Features


The brand is an effective piece of communication design. The strategy is built on research and collaboration using the Hive BrandScope methodology resulting in a memorable, meaningful and distinctive brand.
A critical communication asset, the brand mark (logo) uses hand painted forms that were photographed and painstakingly crafted into a vector asset. Creating the broad suite of brand textures was also a messy, beautiful, creative experience that provided robust brand elements with flexibility and function.

The brand execution and rollout was documented in an accessible and thorough brand guidelines, empowering everyone within the organisation to use the brand effectively.


A strong brand can raise awareness for a good cause. Phoenix Australia now has a stronger, more meaningful and distinctive brand, on par with leading health research institutions the world over. It helps connect the organisation with a wider audience, driving awareness of their work and thus increasing understanding and support for post-traumatic mental health research. Unified under a brand they can take ownership of, Phoenix Australia can confidently attract research commissions and a higher market share, improve relationships and support to mental health practitioners, and ultimately renew the lives of those with post-traumatic mental health challenges.


When a brand is unified under an ownable, distinctive asset, such as the new Phoenix Australia brand mark, it creates opportunities for longevity and growth. A professional design process uncovers the brand promise, which in this case was ‘Understanding trauma, renewing lives’. This underpins the design and is the foundation for which brand equity for Phoenix Australia can grow.

This project exposed academics and the board of directors at Phoenix Australia (leaders in a number of different sectors) to a successful and methodical design process. This exercise has achieved their goals and also advanced the reputation of our design industry.


The challenge was in demonstrating the impact that Phoenix Australia’s research has in a way that was authentic and memorable. The brand mark itself, distinguishable from common ‘Phoenix’ motifs, gives the organisation ownership over its brand and differentiates Phoenix Australia from other organisations in their field. The handmade mark and textures humanise a brand which is rather academic and research based, representing how academic excellence translates into societal benefit. Users of the brand, including practitioners and staff, were heavily involved in its conception, resulting in a brand that is useable, accessible and reflective of the organisation’s values.


1. BrandScope Workshop
The process was just as valuable as the outcome, with the collaborative session helping to generate a shared vision.

2. Brand mark
The new logo, composed of four textures and colours, exemplifies the complex nature of trauma, recovery and understanding.

3. Paint textures
These textures have the flexibility to be used where imagery is inappropriate, while still helping to tell a story of recovery.

4. Brand Story
A unifying piece which helps the organisation be clear in their direction to progress the purpose of the organisation.

5. Stakeholder engagement
Ensured that important relationships already established are maintained throughout a process of change.

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