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The PGH Bricks Style Guide is designed to enhance the experience of choosing and using brick as an integral part of the design process. Durable, strong, and timeless in style, bricks are not only a superior and progressive material, but a versatile design tool available in a myriad of colours, shapes, textures and sizes. They allow endless customisation opportunities for contemporary Australian homes and building design. Centred around nine curated material palettes the messaging clearly assists consumers to navigate the process with more confidence while adapting its tone to entice and inspire an already knowledgeable architecture and design audience.

Key Features


The PGH Bricks Style Guide goes beyond inspirational imagery to provide practical knowledge and tools to inform and assist consumer choices. Covering key finishes, from roof and wall options to gutter, window trims and even garage doors, the Style Guide presents a wholistic approach – brick may be the hero but it is never used alone – complementary materials are carefully curated to provide a complete solution. At the core of this communication is the desire to create a comprehensive visual reference and corresponding commentary that has the end-user at heart – authoritative but not elitist, inspirational rather than dictatorial.


One of the oldest, continuously used building materials in the world, clay brick is highly durable, made with natural materials, has a long-term lifecycle and provides a recyclable and energy efficient building solution. The PGH Bricks Style Guide champions brick as an integral part of design, promoting it as a core building product with inherent visual and tactile qualities that enable a vast range of attainable and imaginative design outcomes. The results could influence Australian urban landscapes for the better; with more harmonious outcomes, our streetscapes will shape attractive communities that mirror the environment with long term benefits for everyone.


Recent feedback on awareness and impact highlighted consumers who had interacted with the PGH Bricks Style Guide recorded a substantial percentage had gone on to specify the product in their build. It also reported a significant increase in positive perception of the PGH Bricks brand and of brick as an integral part of building design across Australia’s project home building industry and architects and designers increasing specification for bespoke and multi-residential developments. Selection Centre consultants have also reported that the clarity, aesthetic and practicality of tools provided has greatly improved their customer facing experience.


Our multidisciplinary team’s understanding of materiality in the built environment and long-term philosophy on using Australian colour gives the visual and written messaging depth and authenticity which in turn raises the perception of the brand as one that delivers desirable product with value-added guidance and integrity. Consumer building choices can be overwhelming – the sharing of design industry knowledge through curation of complete palettes coupled with clear explanations of the essence of each Style and professional Hints & Tips allows this user-focussed campaign to perform at a level that is both educational and inspirational.


By creating a signature aesthetic that highlights the relationships between materials and the desired outcome we created a tangible concept that has potential to directly impact the audience’s understanding, enjoyment and eventual satisfaction with their building experience. A significant undertaking, spanning a range of media and with creative collaborators in Melbourne, our copywriter in Perth and our client in Sydney, client trust and investment in long-term communication impact was paramount. Our brief to inspire, educate and assist across two very different audiences (consumer and specifier) has been successful in raising awareness, perception, and desire for the PGH Bricks product.

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