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PGH Bricks & Pavers™, one of Australia’s largest brick manufacturers, wanted to provide new home builders with a state-of-the-art tool to help them customise bricks and other features of their home.

The Visualiser is a responsive web app that provides realistic real-time 3D rendering, supported by the option to use virtual reality for an even more immersive experience.

The app is extremely easy for PGH to update with new brick products and house designs as the brand’s product range changes. The app is built using cutting edge design technologies, putting PGH at the forefront of the market for customisation tools.

Key Features


PGH had an existing customisation tool that was visually cluttered and encumbered by poor imagery. It required a developer to upload content, so it presented users with limited range product options. As a result, it was rarely used.

The new Visualiser features a user-friendly interface that takes its aesthetic cue from high-end architecture magazines and presents a comprehensive range of PGH products. It encourages users to play and discover what they could do with their brickwork, presenting fully immersive VR as a useful and functional way to visualise concepts, rather than a flashy feature that distracts from the design process.


Due to the substandard experience of the old tool, customers would be sent away to look at houses to see what bricks would look like – creating a disconnect in the customer journey. The Visualiser keeps customers within the PGH environment.

It has also dramatically increased end-user engagement. A comparison of the 2.5 months pre- and post-launch revealed that the average session duration on the website increased from 1.36 mins to 4.47 mins; the number of users more than doubled, sessions jumped by 76.9%, and page views went up by 101.9%.


We began with a review of the existing market for customisation tools. This encompassed the building industry but also apparel, automotive and furniture.

However, Luminary believed there was a need for a more realistic experience. Enter WebGL 3D rendering. This technology has created visuals so convincing that it has revolutionised the way PGH customers research bricks. They now have the confidence to make their selection based on a completely digital experience.

The Visualiser has also been rolled out to 14 PGH Selection Centres and PGH’s Colour Consultants rely on it to help customers visualise different product combinations.


An initial review of the user base revealed that the existing tool didn’t conform to a layperson’s expectations around architectural design. We redefined the experience using a combination of visual design, experience design, 3D modeling and emerging tech such as WebGL and VR.

Within the Visualiser, users can customise entire exteriors and interiors. Features are introduced progressively at the point where they will be useful and not just a gimmick.

The use of WebGL and VR, in particular, have transcended the existing market for customisation tools and set new design benchmarks.


Other key features of the Visualiser include:
– content-managed design, alleviating the need for PGH staff to rely on developers to make content changes
– integration with Pinterest and Instagram, with easy social sharing capability
– unlike most existing customisation tools, the Visualiser is housed completely within the main site, so there’s no aesthetic or functional disconnect
– the capacity to generate a custom moodboard
– the capacity to instantly generate a PDF with product information, product availability and the location of the nearest PGH Selection Centre.

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