Petit Trésor Cafe et Patisserie


  • MOS Design Creative


Petit Trésor (French for little treasure) is a new French and modern Australian café in South Melbourne.

MOS Design Creative was appointed to create their branding and signage, which include: Logo/brand mark design, business card, packaging, uniform, custom wallpaper mural, custom menu board and signage designs.

The logo draws inspiration from the whisk pendant lights that are displayed on the shop window.

Whisk reflects Petit Trésor’s specialty (patisserie). We want the whisk to become the icon that people will remember.

The whisk brand mark was hand-drawn to show a sense of originality and craft, just like Petit Trésor’s amazing pastries.

Key Features



To differentiate Petit Trésor from neighbouring take away shops and retro cafes, we created a design that looks more upmarket, modern, sophisticated and relaxed.

The custom wallpaper is a hand drawn illustration of Eiffel Tower, creating a feel as if Petit Trésor’s customers were dining by the most famous landmark in Paris.

The erasable “rolled dough” menu offers the client flexibility to change their menu, and enables them to feature their Specials in a fun way, maximizing targeted sales.

Overall design uses a subtle black and white colour scheme that visually stands out among the surrounding colourful shop fronts.



Since opening its doors in January 2015, the client has received many wonderful testimonies and was featured in the City of Port Philip magazine.

Its establishment brings new excitement among the locals.
“Yummy baguettes, delicious coffee, wonderful service, beautiful and refreshing setup. Highly recommended.”
“Delicious cakes and wonderful atmosphere!”

By having a well-designed venue that looks professional and more sophisticated than its surrounding competitors, Petit Trésor has managed to secure some bookings for several business networking events in their upstairs room.

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