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Held annually for 3 weeks in February, Perth Festival is Australia’s longest running multi-arts festival, bringing together more than 460,000 people a year.

Perth Festival came to Bravo with a website that wasn’t meeting their needs or their user expectations. The core challenges faced were around UX (poor navigation, event discoverability and user journeys), inflexibility of the system for the marketing team, insufficient support during critical times and desired features that hadn’t been delivered.

Our brief involved rebuilding the site from scratch and launching within 4 months, in time for the 2019/20 festival.

Key Features


A visually stunning presentation of the 2020 festival’s “fire” theme, paired with best practice UX, reveals an eclectic array of international performing arts events supported by an easy-to-use ticketing pathway.

Solving an awareness problem briefed in by our client, an engaging fullscreen video entry utilises an Instagram Story-esque interface to show visitors the five key streams of experiences available at the Festival in just a few seconds.

To combat negative user feedback from the previous year’s website, intentional consideration was given to usability, wayfinding and accessibility across the site, which was met with much praise from the festival’s target audience.


The new user-friendly, mobile-responsive Perth Festival website resulted in:

38% increase in traffic
31% mobile usage uplift
12% increase in revenue
18% increase in average order value

Perth Festival’s ticket sales targets were exceeded within the first week of the 2020 festival.

Many of Perth Festival’s WA-based peers in the arts noticed the obvious positive change in the website, encouraging them to undertake their own website redevelopment projects, leading to better user experiences and setting a benchmark for arts and festival websites.


Bravo introduced a technical ecosystem that is cost-effective, secure, scalable and well-supported (especially during peak season) with analytics to enable continued optimisation.

The large number of complaints received about their previous year’s website fell to practically zero this year as a result of the redesign, freeing up festival resources for other work.

The site is built on an open-source content management system called Umbraco. The Perth Festival team has the autonomy to make quick and easy content updates and changes, significantly improving the usability of the system.


In honour of Noongar tradition, the 2020 Festival was themed around Karla – the Noongar word for fire. Bravo translated this theme digitally through the use of layering of visual assets created especially for the festival.

Resoundingly positive feedback from Perth Festival’s Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee agreeing the site is more accessible than ever, plus specific feedback from one user who is blind saying the site works really well on her digital reader.

The University of Western Australia’s UX & Accessibility Director contacted Perth Festival after being impressed at the website’s accessibility, inspiring him to learn more about engaging an access committee.


WCAG2.0 AA accessibility compliant.

The site features single-sign-on for users to navigate from the marketing website through to the ticketing purchase pathway on Tessitura to create a seamless user experience.

The site is integrated with Tessitura CRM and TNEW7 ticketing purchase path.

Dynamic real-time content updates in Umbraco optimises campaign management.

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