Perinatal Tool for Patients and Clinicians


  • Carter Digital
  • Mercy Perinatal


A world leader, providing care, research and educational services in the field of pregnancy and fetal health; and as part of a larger health provider, the unit wished for a discreet presence that provides easily found and understood information for both doctors, patients and the wider community as a whole.

Other areas also included providing insights and an open approach to staff members and set the unit apart by providing valuable tools for use globally.

Key Features


A tool for clinicians that would be both useful, serve to spread, and enhance the authority of the name of the organisation in the antenatal professional community.


Engaging doctors and other medical staff to add value to daily practice.


A collection of calculators and resources both written and visual were assembled and presented in a way that can be used to aid healthy patient outcomes


The tools take into account the state of mind of the patients consulted with and treats with sensitivity any material that may cause undue concern at a difficult time.


The information presented has been selected through filtering insights and discoveries of primary audiences enabling people on multiple levels of knowledge to find what they need with ease.

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