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PERFECT PILLOW® is everything to everyone – height adjustable, hypoallergenic, breathable and wipe-clean.

Key Features


PERFECT PILLOW® suits all sleeping styles and comfort levels soft, medium or firm – height customisable.
MIRACLE LAYER™ – allergen barrier, protecting from the allergens that cause sneezing, asthma & rhinitis while sleeping.
MIRACLE LAYER™ – also breathable, silent and stain-proof – stops spills, stains, perspiration and skin flakes from penetrating into the pillow.
Patented BREATHE-A-VENT® – ensures the pillow remains cool while sleeping and avoids flat pillow syndrome.
Wipe clean surface – if a spillage occurs simply wipe the pillow clean with a cloth.


PERFECT PILLOW® addresses the need for a pillow that suits everyone, is healthy, stays clean and lasts longer – twice as long as the average.


As inventors 30 years ago of the first mattress protector products and the category, PROTECT-A-BED® has continuously created new technologies, processes and fabrics to remain at the forefront of bedding protection.
This culture of innovation has culminated in unrivalled features and fabrics – from our waterproof, breathable and silent MIRACLE LAYER™ to a range of fabrics spanning basic terry, natural TENCEL™ and bamboo and most recently, PERFECT PILLOW® and our new generation cooling and reversible products.


Innovation revolves around combining features of height adjustability, hypoallergenic properties, breathability and wipe-clean care into one quality product.


Safety Zipper (opened and closed with a paper clip that can be removed) ensures children cannot access the core and filling.
Rolled into a cylindrical pack – simply open and leave to expand.
4 year Warranty.

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