Peninsula Hot Springs Expansion


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To cater for the $4.2trillion global wellness market, the Peninsula Hot Springs expansion provides facilities for guests at the start of their journey and throughout the experience of bathing. The design brief included new change pavilions, cafe, first aid room, multi-function wellness space, wet and dry saunas and ice cave.

The buildings, whilst geographically separated across the 17 ha site, nestle into the landscape and are conceived as a cohesive addition to the existing hot springs facilities. The buildings, while all unique in their response to brief and site, respond to the seasons and bring delight to those who occupy them.

Key Features


The designs add variety in the quality of spaces offered. Individual buildings feature a material language expressed in different ways, evoking a sense of familiarity and intrigue when experiencing all of the offerings of the site.

The building forms are derived from their functional requirements and specific locations. Both constructed of rammed earth, the change pavilions are hexagonal, while the cafe is composed of sweeping curves that protect against prevailing winds.

The designs are an evolution of the existing palette that respects the founding architecture by Gregory Burgess and Kristen Green Architecture whilst progressing the design language within the brand constraints.


The amenities and new experiences added within this project had a marked improvement of the guest experiences, increasing maximum patron numbers by 47% and revenue by 10%.

The buildings embrace natural materials and encourage all people to feel comfortable moving through the spaces. Fresh air, natural dappled light, and warmth under foot from the geothermal water are harnessed to help guests feel at ease throughout the bathing experience.

This expansion is made up of a series of meaningful architectural moments that resulted in an increase in social media engagement, adding another layer to the brand\’s marketing strategy.


The design-led expansion of the hot springs has had a positive and far-reaching impact for the business. The design of the masterplan transformed the way guests experience the site.

Through a well planned network of accessible compliant paths, the guests journey meanders through the tea tree covered dunes enhancing ones calming experience of the site whilst being inclusive in a complex landscape.

These works have opened up further reaches of the site allowing for ongoing expansion works in a considered way.


A number of design elements harnessed the pool of local craftspeople on the peninsula including hand crafted door handles and lights derived through a collaboration between the architects and ceramicist Kaz Morton.

Collaborating with refrigeration specialists, we delivered an Australian first experience. The ice cave provides guests with the unique opportunity to be immersed in -25degree temperatures. By combining the use of the colocated Saunas, guests can reap the full benefit of the Wim Hof method of cold therapy.

Through the careful selection of materials, the design increased the safety of guests and productivity of maintenance and cleaning staff all whilst enhancing the calming and wellness aspect of the business.


Sustainable design principles are embedded within the project, from each building’s sitting within a clearing in the bush, to their use of locally sourced and produced materials. Local limestone and clay are mixed with cement to form the rammed earth walls.

These walls provide both internal and external finishes to the cafe and change pavilions, reducing the need for additional building materials.

Locally sourced limestone was used to clad the Saunas. The timbers used throughout are locally sourced and sustainably managed.

White Cypress structural members are used throughout, and radially sawn silvertop ash is used for external detailing and cladding.

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