Pende Series


  • PodMarket Pty Ltd


The Pende exploits geometry and physics to produce a unique, elegant table series. An inventive, registered design from Australia, with international appeal. Minimal components interconnect to provide incredible strength and rigidity.

Clean, uncluttered lines belie the complex interplay of a polygon bracket, straight timber legs & structural top. Illumination underneath transforms any Pende table into a clever light source. Infinite options for variation in look, materials, and size.

Self tightening. No adhesive required. Suitable for production runs. Easily assembled and transportable. German Design Award 2018 Nominee.

Key Features


Design principles focused on geometry, physics, sustainability and minimalism have resulted in a completely new way of creating a criss-cross underframe structure that is easily reproducible, self supporting/self tightening, quick to assemble/reassemble without glue, completely flat-packable, light, and exceptionally strong and versatile.


Totally scaleable design which can produce large conference/dining tables through to small side and low tables.

Also scaleable regarding number of desired legs.

The unique underframe jointing technique can be further enhanced to transform any size table into a beautiful and functional light/lamp.

Suited to any sized production process with extremely minimal material wastage, saving on transport costs through flat pack design.

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